Our company developed a unique patented smart contract protocol for collateralized lending and borrowing at any desirable fixed interest rate, using the collateralization mechanisms of Maker and decentralized stablecurrency DAI. Our technology eliminates interest rate risk present in the native Maker lending mechanisms, as well as counterparty risk present in the offerings of competitors based on own centralized technologies and cryptocurrencies. It is built as a layer above Maker and uses the same well-tested Maker mechanisms and collateral custody. It is available to a wide range of use cases from inter-institution wholesale collateralized lending and borrowing to in-house position leverage by retail crypto brokers.


Akiva Dubrofsky (CEO)

At the age of 19 Akiva helped the Ethereum Foundation with their post-ICO financing by advising on a small deal between them and XDL Capital. This led him to the position of Chief Blockchain Officer at XDL where he researched opportunities and did diligence on deal flow. From there he went to KPMG where he helped build their Blockchain practice.

Vitaly Rubinovich (CTO)

Vitaly holds a Bachelor's in Physics, Masters in Computer Science, MBA and a Masters in Financial Engineering. He has worked for risk management software vendor Algorithmics (acquired by IBM and subsequently SS&C) as a senior engineer and held a similar position at Intel. This is his second venture.

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Toronto Canada