Starting with the interactive interface 


Connect wallet

Your wallet should have assets you can post as collateral,


Currently, ETH and BAT are supported.

Create offer

Open new cFRA offer with:

* Amount of collateral you wish to post

* Amount of DAI you wish to borrow

* Loan time frame

* Market-competitive rate offer.

Your offer will be created as Pending, and transition to Open after approval.

Receive DAI 

When a lender is found to match the offer, it transitions into Active state.

You can withdraw the obtained DAI into your wallet. You can exchange it to USD, or leverage your crypto position.


Connect wallet

Your wallet should contain the DAI you'd like to invest.

Match open agreement

Find an open agreement with an acceptable interest rate, amount and time frame.

Match it with the Match button. Your DAI will be withdrawn.

Follow accrual

The accrual amounts can be continuously monitored. At the term-end, your DAI can be withdrawn together with interest. 

Non-custodial Wallet
We currently support MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet with the intention to integrate more wallets in the near future. Please note that non-custodial wallets are different from exchange wallets like Binance.
Check out these guides on how to set up the wallets:



To utilize our system, users must have collateral in one of the wallets mentioned above.

For DAI Borrowers:

We support Maker’s Multi-Collateral Dai assets - currently Ether (ETH) or Basic Attention Token (BAT).
Unfamiliar with Maker? Check out this overview to get caught up to speed on everything you need to know about the protocol and Multi-Collateral Dai.

For DAI Lenders:

Dai is used to match open agreements. As a stablecoin, 1 DAI = 1 USD.

Primer on DAIHow to buy DAI.

Next Steps

Once your wallet is ready with DAI or collateral, head on over to our homepage to get started.

After connecting the wallet, you’ll have the option to create, match and monitor new agreements.

Agreement Initiation

Once your wallet has collateral loaded, head on over to our homepage to get started.
After connecting with your noncustodial wallet, you’ll have the option to create, match and monitor new agreements.

  1. Input the amount of capital and type of asset (ETH, BAT, etc.) you wish to post as collateral. 

  2. State your desired FRA rate and the amount you wish to withdraw from the Maker Vault relative to the amount of collateral being posted.

  3. Akiva Capital Holdings reviews this request and, upon approval, leverages smart contracts to open a unique Maker Vault tied to your address.

  4. Check your new agreements can now be seen as “Open”, allowing lenders to signal their interest to supply Dai by “Matching” that agreement. 

  5. Upon matching, the lender transfers Dai from their contract into the DSR contract.


Life of the Agreement

  1. Post matching, Dai accrues interest thanks to the Dai Savings Rate

  2. Debt is monitored daily, effectively reviewing the DSR relative to the predefined FRA; more frequently at times of high volatility. 

  3. Akiva monitors delta to be paid upon expiry.

  4. Users keep track of their Vault through an intuitive interface, effectively serving as a reminder to to further collateralize the loan and prevent liquidation in times of need.



  1. Capital aggregated through the agreement is distributed relative to the debt and interest accrued by either party.

  2. Dai is withdrawn by lenders from the agreement contract account. 

  3. In the event that additional capital is owed by the borrower at expiry, Akiva will seek to draw Dai from the borrower’s wallet. 

  4. In a situation where no additional Dai can be drawn from the borrower’s wallet, the collateral in the Vault is liquidated in exchange for Dai and used to settle the debt to the lender. 

  5. Any excess collateral is then returned to the borrower.


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