Connect wallet
Create offer
Receive DAI 

Your wallet should have assets you can post as collateral,


Currently, ETH and BAT are supported.


Open new cFRA offer with:

* Amount of collateral you wish to post

* Amount of DAI you wish to borrow

* Loan time frame

* Market-competitive rate offer.


Your offer will be created as Pending, and transition to Open after approval.

When a lender is found to match the offer, it transitions into Active state.


You can withdraw the obtained DAI into your wallet. You can exchange it to USD, or leverage your crypto position.


Connect wallet

Your wallet should contain the DAI you'd like to invest.

Match open agreement

Find an open agreement with an acceptable interest rate, amount and time frame.

Match it with the Match button. Your DAI will be withdrawn.

Follow accrual

The accrual amounts can be continuously monitored. At the term-end, your DAI can be withdrawn together with interest. 

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